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    I finally found the time to record my song and I want to share it with you. 😉

    The basis of this song was written one evening when I felt absolutely exhausted. (I didn’t know I had covid yet.) My husband asked me if I had played the ukulele yet today. I replied that I hadn’t, that I didn’t even have the energy or the mood. He handed me the ukulele and said: “Play!”
    So I played all the songs I could think of. The mood lifted.
    And when I didn’t know what to play anymore, I just kept changing chords until one chord progression caught my attention. I wrote it down in the tablature so I wouldn’t forget it. A few days later, the final version was finished.
    And because playing the ukulele has healing powers for me, I called the piece “String Therapy”.


    This is so, so beautiful! It has a very folksy sound to it, and a bit jazzy, too. The story behind it is also really great. So true, there is something wonderfully therapeutic about playing uke. For me, it helps with anxiety. But really amazing job with this! I hope you keep sharing your creations here; they are fantastic! 😊


    @janaq1 lovely. Peaceful. It’s a rainy sorta gloomy day here and it seemed to brighten it up. I admire all those who can compose a song and get it down to memory. Hope Covid wasn’t too bad and now in past. 👏🎼☺️


    @The_Bumble_Bard and @leb397 – thank you for your kind words. I’m so happy to be able to share my ukulele playing with someone other than my family and a few friends. With the same enthusiasts and fellow students at Rockclass101. I feel lucky to have found this school and community. There are great teachers here, everything I know I know because of them.
    (The covid was, thankfully, short and light.) 🙂

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    @Janaq1 That was so beautiful. I enjoyed it so much. This is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing it.


    @Janaq1: WOW! That was huntingly beautiful!. It really touched me. No wonder it was healing for you. It really has healing power. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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    So lovely…


    Well done! A very beautiful composition and equally as beautifully played 🙂


    So beautiful♥️…..and so well played….so much feeling in it….just lovely.


    @Andrew , thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad you like the composition. It means a lot to me.


    @gi_gi_ , @rebeca , @annemarie , @dianna – girls 😉 – thank you for your kind comments. It made me very happy.

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