“Magic Ukulele Waltz” – Roy Smeck

Below is the lesson for “Magic Ukulele Waltz” by Roy Smeck.

Helpful Tips

An enchanting melody from ukulele virtuoso Roy Smeck. This arrangement comes courtesy of another Ukulele sensation: Ukulelezaza. If you are unfamiliar with him, I highly suggest to check him out – amazing musician! If we were to simplify this arrangement, we can think of it as an A B A melody. Though, each melody is repeated and contains many variations. So, I’ve further subdivided it as follows:

Intro (4 Bars)
Melody A: A, B
Melody B: C, D
Melody A: E, F

The sheer length of this arrangement is the first factor that makes it difficult. Another tricky sections lies in the B melody; there are a few bars which require full barre chords that jump quickly up and down the neck. I would highly recommend to approach learning this piece by breaking down each melody in half (8 bar phrases). And working to memorize and perfect that section before tackling the complete 16 bar* melody.

* Note: Melody B and E are 20 bars in length.

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