Reunion Blues Continental Gig Bag

Reunion Blues Continental Gig Bag

Reunion Blues Gig Bag


The Reunion Blues RB Continental Electric Guitar Case is made from a water-resistant, two-tone black, ballistic exterior that surrounds a lightweight Flexoskeleton protection system with 1″ high-density, dual layer foam and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) impact panels that offer enough protection to survive a 40′ drop without so much as a nick or scratch. RB Continental actually tried it and when the guitar inside emerged unscathed, they did it again for good measure and the results were the same.

The above product description may just be the best product description out there! I was sold on this gig bag from watching the company throw it out the window of a second story house to escape unscathed. It has been well established that this gig bag delivers protection, but what about practicality?

Everyday Use


The gig bag is equipped with a large zipped pocket for storage and a smaller zipped compartment on top of that. The smaller is useful for sparingly used objects like string winders and cutters. This is due to the hassle of actually getting your hand into the slot, as it tends to be a tight fit for an adult sized hand. On the contrary, the large zipped pocket is extremely useful. It is large enough to fit a laptop or iPad! I carry cables, tuner, ear plugs, strap, strap locks, cleaning cloth, strings, slide, and a Bluetooth speaker with no problem!


The gig bag includes backpack-like shoulder straps. These can be tucked away and zipped up if you prefer to carry via the handle. One negative is the weight of the gig bag. This isn’t the entry level paper thin gig bag you can get for $20 at the music shop. Add a guitar and you have weight comparable to a hard case. Another issues that arose in my ownership included the annoying Velcro loop used to stabilize the neck to the padded backing. It is just too damn long. You either have to wrap it completely around the neck – which takes time and patience or fold it and wrap it loosely. Finally, I had major tearing to the velvet padding interior lining due to the strings at the head-stock ripping into it. This was resolved by having a professional sew a leather patch on to extend protection.

In conclusion, I have been very happy with my purchase. It has stood up to countless gigs and lessons without any major issues. When I purchased the RB gig bag it was 2011 and I paid $160 after tax. It retails now for $200 and that may just be pushing it out of what I think it is worth.


  • Ultra protective
  • Massive storage space for accessories
  • Professional looking gig bag


  • Protection from string damage to padding inside is not sufficient
  • Velcro loop to stabilize neck could be better designed
  • Weight – Heavy to carry around
  • Price

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Article by: Andrew Hardel