Just Like My Dreams

Just Like My Dreams

This purchase includes:
1) "Just Like My Dreams" Song in 2 Formats *:
    A) High Quality WAV
    B) MP3
* You will receive a copy of both versions, the original recording from 2011 and the re-recorded version from 2023.

2) Ukulele Tabs for the 2023 Version - Learn the song and play along!
3) Lyrics PDF
4) Single Cover Artwork
"Just Like My Dreams" is Copyright © 2011 & 2023 - Andrew Hardel - All Rights Reserved
Written by: Andrew Hardel
Recorded by: Randy Hoexter at AIMM
Mixed / Mastered by: Randy Hoexter, Steve Rieck, Dirk Heijboer
Guitars: Andrew Hardel, Rhett Shull
Bass: Carrick McClain
Drums: Drew Smith
Keys / Organ: Randy Hoexter
Vocals: Josh Bias, Ashley Orlando
Ukulele: Evan J De Silva

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