“Waltz in C (no. 2)” – Dionisio Aguado

Below is the lesson for “Waltz in C (no. 2)” by Dionisio Aguado.

Helpful Tips

A classical waltz with a charming melody that serves as a perfect study for practicing chord transitions. Chord transitions refers to our ability to effortlessly transition from one chord to the next. This topic was the focus of a recent live lesson, EP004. I’d highly encourage you to check out that lesson as it has many tips and tricks that will help you tackle this piece.

This piece has a tempo change in Theme 2, bar 12. This bar is played with a Ritardando (abbreviated as: rit.), which is defined as a gradual decrease in tempo. While the following bar, sees a return to the original tempo (notated as: A Tempo). It’s important that we employ this tempo change in the most natural-sounding way possible. Therefore, in the lesson, I’ll show you how to achieve a smooth, non-abrupt, sounding ritardando.

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

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