“White Christmas” – Christmas

Below is the lesson for “White Christmas”.

Helpful Tips

A charming Christmas melody; this fingerstyle arrangement is ideal for the seasoned beginner. A challenging aspect of this arrangement is that it uses movement; which means, you’ll be playing throughout the entire span of the neck (frets 0-14). Movement makes the piece sound like it’s flowing and developing; similar to if we were telling a story (i.e. there is a beginning, middle, and end).

* Note: I want to point out one rhythmic variation that occurs in the melody of the 5th bar. Some arrangements place the first melody note on beat 1, while others place it on beat 2. Our arrangement kept it on beat 1, as this makes it more beginner-friendly; but, if your memory recalls it being on beat 2, I’d recommend playing this bar as depicted below:


Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

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