“12th Street Rag” – Euday L. Bowman

Below is the lesson for “12th Street Rag” by Euday L. Bowman.

Helpful Tips

This fun, vintage-esque ukulele song will help develop your rhythm playing. This song uses three of the four strumming techniques which are taught in our Strumming Course titled: Beyond the Island Strum. The 3 techniques are:

Claw Stroke
Triplet & Fan Strum
Split Stroke

If any of these techniques are new to you, I’d highly encourage you to check out the course as it breaks down the mechanics for executing each one.

One final tip: This song switches between a straight and swung rhythmic feel. If this is a new concept for you, check out this lesson.

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

Part 2 – For Premium Members


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