“4 More Spooky Melodies” – Rock Class 101

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Learn 4 spooky-sounding melodies for low G ukulele. These four songs are perfect for the seasoned beginner to intermediate player. Let’s take a look at what each has to offer.

1) The Unknown – Our medley begins with an air of mystery as we fingerpick between two haunting chords.

2) The Pharaoh’s Tomb – Our second song invokes an eastern sound as its melody lines derive from the Gypsy major and Phrygian scale.

3) Tread Lightly – In our third song, tensions rise as we create a feeling of unrest by vamping on one minor chord.

4) The Living-Dead – Our final melody pays homage to the theme song from The Walking Dead. You’ll fingerpick unorthodox chords to conjure up feelings of suspense and fright.

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