$50 Soprano Ukulele vs $100 Concert Ukulele

$50 Soprano Ukulele vs $100 Concert Ukulele

Does Size Matter?


A good rule of thumb is that the larger you go in size the less it begins to sound like a traditional ukulele. If you want that classic uke tone, go with the soprano! Unfortunately, for adults it is quite awkward to hold / play due to the small size. It took an honest month for me to get used to a soprano. Thus, a concert is recommended for adults and a soprano for children.

$50 Makala Soprano Ukulele


A simple ukulele offering that classic uke sound we all know and love! At $50 this is a bargain! It features an Agathis body with a satin finish and rosewood fretboard / bridge. Agathis is a cheaper wood, but the tone on this uke is pleasant and naturally bright. Playablity is great – once you become used to its small size. This is the ukulele I recommend as a first. No case is included.

$100 Mitchell MU70 Concert Ukulele


A beautifully finished ukulele with great playability! The Mitchell MU70 is a perfect entry point for an adult seeking a refined and professional looking ukulele. Featuring laminated rosewood sides and back, a laminated spruce top, and rosewood fretboard / bridge. It is deeper and darker in tone than its smaller sibling, the soprano ukulele. What you lose is the classic ukulele sound, but you gain an easier to play / hold instrument. If you do not want to experience the awkwardness of the soprano, this is the one to buy. No case is included.


Save the $50 and get the soprano! Everybody wants that classic uke sound and just like your first time… you know… it gets less awkward!

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Article by: Andrew Hardel