“The Addams Family Theme” – TV Show

Below is the lesson for “The Addams Family” Theme.

Helpful Tips

A theme as lovable as the lighthearted spooky family. This melody is irresistible catchy, and yes, our arrangement includes the snaps! While I have included this arrangement in our beginner series, it’s important to note that this is the most challenging song in this level. There are a few things that make this arrangement a bit tricky:

1) The Speed: It’s a quickly paced song at 120 BPM (Allegro).
2) The Rhythms: We have some difficult rhythms in this piece, including: Eighth note triplets, syncopated hits (hitting off the beat), and a swung eighth note feel.
3) Unique Fingerings for Chords: Some chord changes will require a different approach than we would typically take.

In the lesson video, we will be covering these three points in complete detail. Keep them in mind as you are watching the instructional video and learning the song. And don’t forget to have fun, this is an awesome song!

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

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