Aloha Oe

Below is the lesson for ‘Aloha ʻOe’ by Queen Liliʻuokalani.

Helpful Tips

A traditional Hawaiian song consisting of only 3 chords and a beautiful melody. This song contains 3 sections: Intro, Verse, and Chorus. This arrangement uses movement to create a “flowing” feel. Think of it this way: If a melody repeats twice, as seen in the verse and chorus, we can play the melody once higher and once lower. Doing so, creates a feel that the piece is moving and not staying stagnant.

The trickiest section is the first half of the verse (bars 3-6). This is because we are playing the melody up an octave, which results in the use of stretch and bar chords high-up the neck. Practice one bar at a time for this section. The rest of the arrangement is quite simple and can be easily learned in an afternoon. I hope you enjoy this beautiful tune!

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