“Better Together” – Jack Johnson

Below is the lesson for “Better Together” by Jack Johnson.

Helpful Tips

This arrangement is perfect for those of you that strum and sing, but are ready to dive into fingerpicking and chucking. There are a couple of sections in this song that are entirely fingerpicked; these sections are: the Intro / Outro and the Instrumental (which mimics the piano interlude). Each of these sections are fingerpicked using a 3 finger picking approach.

If you are new to using a 3 finger approach, check out this short lesson which covers the fundamentals. But, if you really want to develop dexterity and speed (using this approach and 2 others), then I’d encourage you to check out our Fingerpicking Concepts Course.

This arrangement also adds a percussive element to your playing via, “chucking”. This essentially means that you will be adding a backbeat (a.k.a. a slap) to beats 2 and 4 during chordal based rhythmic sections. If you are new to this technique, check out this tutorial.

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

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