Buying Your First Ukulele

Buying Your First Ukulele: 3 Ukes to Consider (Soprano, Concert, Tenor)


Soprano, Concert, Tenor

These are the 3 most commonly played ukuleles. They feature re-entrant tuning, which means the strings are not all ordered from the lowest pitch to the highest pitch. In other words, the 4th string on these ukulele’s are a high G, not a low G.

Soprano ukuleles are the smallest size and provide what most people consider the “traditional” ukulele sound. As a smaller sized instrument, they are the brightest in tone and generally the cheapest to purchase. Concert ukuleles are a step up in size, but still remain true to the classic bright/treble ukulele tone. Tenor ukuleles are the largest size in the re-entrant tuning category and produce a deeper tone. Generally, the larger the ukulele, the more it will project.

Soprano ukuleles are usually better suited for children, while the larger sized concert and tenor ukes will be much easier to hold and play for adults. The bigger ukes provide a larger fretboard, which makes it easier to fret notes and barre chords.


The largest ukulele available is the baritone. It produces the deepest pitch and tone and is tuned differently than the other 3 ukes. The baritone is tuned like the bottom 4 strings of a guitar (non re-entrant tuning). Please note, we did not review/mention this size in the video.

What To Take Away From This Video

This video introduces you to the 3 main re-entrant tuned ukuleles: Soprano, Concert, and Tenor. We featured 3 models in the video that present an excellent starting point in your search for the perfect ukulele! Here are the 3 ukulele’s we covered:

Uke Republic Links

Kala KA-15S Soprano (w/ Gig Bag & Tuner)

Kala EBY-C Concert

Grace Harbor Tenor (w/ Gig Bag)

Amazon Links

Kala KA-15S Soprano (Uke Only)

Kala KA-15S Soprano (w/ Gig Bag & Tuner)

Kala EBY-C Concert

Grace Harbor Tenor – Not available on Amazon

Article by: Andrew Hardel
Special thanks to Mike at Uke Republic