“Canon in D” (U-Bass) – Johann Pachelbel

Below is the lesson for “Canon in D” (U-Bass) by Johann Pachelbel.

Helpful Tips

This arrangement of “Canon” cycles through the form 4 times, giving us 4 variations on the classic song. Think of it this way: The song is 5 chords, played over 4 bars. These 4 bars are repeated 4 times, but played differently each time, thus creating 4 ‘themes’.

This arrangement consists mostly of two note chords with short single note melodies. Some of these chords can be quite tricky as they require a large stretch. If you are new to stretch chords on the U-Bass, check out the first two exercises in this lesson. Another thing to keep in mind is how you perform this piece. “Canon” is an elegant and slowly-paced tune. As such, our approach to playing it should match this style. A couple ways to accomplish than can be done by using a lighter picking attack and keeping a slow and consistent tempo throughout the song.

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