“Chopsticks” – Piano Waltz

Below is the lesson for “Chopsticks”.

Helpful Tips

The iconic piano duet arranged for solo ukulele! This lesson contains 2 versions of the arrangement; 1 suitable for concert/tenor (goes past the 12th fret) and 1 for soprano (does not go past the 12th fret). This is a great piece for beginners, because it spans the entire length of the fretboard; which helps to break you away from playing at the beginning of the neck (frets 0-4).

As this arrangement contains quite a bit of movement, it’s important that we are properly holding the ukulele (more tips here) to help stabilize the neck. In the part 1 lesson video, we will also be discussing another tip for jumping up and down the neck efficiently by using the fret marker dots as a guide.

Have fun with this one! It’s a great piece to memorize and perform when someone says “Hey, you play ukulele! Play us a song!”.

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

Part 2 – For Premium Members


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