Clawhammer Technique

Clawhammer Technique

Course Description

In this course, you’ll learn a staple technique of banjo playing and bluegrass music: The Clawhammer Technique. This is a technique that is completely unique to itself. So take all of those strumming techniques you’ve learned in the past, and throw them out the window! Because, the mechanics behind performing the right hand motion for clawhammer technique is entirely different from anything you’ve done before.

So that presents the question: How are we going to learn this technique… Well, the answer is quite simple, we’re going to break it down into three easy to follow steps that relate to the three elements of music: Melody, Rhythm, Harmony. And when you put all three steps together, you’ll create the right hand motion for performing clawhammer AND in turn, create a truly unique way to perform chord melodies!

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Module 1 What Is Clawhammer Technique?
In this module, we'll take a look at the history of clawhammer technique, including: what it is and where it originated from.
Unit 1 Course Overview (FREE LESSON)  
Module 2 The 3 Steps For Performing Clawhammer Technique
In this module, we'll break down the three steps in performing clawhammer technique as they relate to the three elements of music: Melody, Rhythm, and Harmony.
Unit 1 Step 1: Creating MELODY via the Index or Middle Finger (FREE LESSON)  
Unit 2 Step 2: Creating RHYTHM via the Thumb (FREE LESSON)  
Unit 3 Step 3: Creating HARMONY via the Brush Stroke (FREE LESSON)  
Module 3 Next Level Clawhammer Technique
In these two exercises, you'll add chords to the mix to mimic clawhammer playing in songs.
Unit 1 Exercise #1 - Melody  
Unit 2 Exercise #1 - Rhythm  
Unit 3 Exercise #1 - Harmony  
Unit 4 Exercise #2 - Melody  
Unit 5 Exercise #2 - Rhythm  
Unit 6 Exercise #2 - Harmony  
Module 4 Putting It All Together
In this module, you'll combine all three steps to perform the clawhammer technique in two bluegrass tunes and one étude.
Unit 1 "Clawhammer Etude"  
Unit 2 "Cornbread and Butterbeans" (Easy Version)  
Unit 3 Capstone Performance Piece: "Cornbread and Butter Beans" (Advanced Version)  
Unit 4 "Shortnin' Bread" (Easy Version)  
Unit 5 Capstone Performance Piece: "Shortnin' Bread" (Advanced Version)  
Unit 6 Course Wrap Up