Dynamics – ML008

Dynamics – Mini Lesson: 008

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Learn three ways to apply dynamics in this fingerpicking and strumming etude. Dynamics refers to the volume of the music being played. We can make a huge impact on the expression and emotion we convey in performances by varying the volume.

In this etude, we’ll use a different dynamic approach for each section of the piece:

A) Soft Fingerpicking – In this section, we’ll lightly fingerpick a pattern out of A7.

B) Loud Strum / Pluck / Chunk – In this section, we’ll dramatically increase the volume of our playing by strumming, plucking, and chunking louder.

C) Crescendo / Decrescendo Vamp – In this section, we’ll vamp on one chord. Vamping means to play a short chord pattern over and over. In the case of this song, we’ll strum an A Major with eighth notes. To make this simple pattern interesting, we’ll gradually increase the volume until we peak, then gradually decrease the volume.

This lesson is intended as an intro to playing with dynamics. If you’d like to dive deeper, check out Module 3, Unit 3 in our Classical Technique & Style Course.

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