“Father Figure” – George Michael

Below is the lesson for “Father Figure” by George Michael.

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Combining elements of the original recording with a live orchestral performance, this arrangement encompasses the beauty behind George Michael’s brilliant songwriting. Here is the live performance that provided the beautiful intro melodies. This is quite a lengthy arrangement, so let’s break down the format:


Then, we D.S. al Coda back to:

Verse (Sign symbol)

Then, Da Coda to the:

Bridge (Coda symbol)

Then, D.S.S al Double Coda back to:

Chorus (Double Sign symbol)

And finally, jumping to the double coda (last bar: bar 44)

Okay, wow… Well, that’s a lot! But, here’s the good part: Notice how many sections repeat. If you learn the chorus once, you have it down for each time it repeats (3 times). Other than sheer length, what makes this piece difficult is the use of adding a backbeat (slap) and tapping a beat + playing a note simultaneously. If these are new concepts for you, omit them when first learning the piece and work slowly to add them in as you practice. As always, work on one section at a time before trying to tackle the entire tune.

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