“Fingerpicking Etude no. 2” – Rock Class 101

Below is the lesson for “Fingerpicking Etude no. 2”.

Helpful Tips

Continuing our fingerpicking series, this lesson uses a three finger approach. The song is comprised of 4 parts: the Into and Melodies A, B, C. Written in the key of C Major, we will modulate to D Major in the ‘C’ Melody.

Throughout the performance and lesson, I will be using these right hand fingers per string:

String 1 – Ring Finger (Middle Finger)
String 2 – Middle Finger (Index Finger)
String 3 – Thumb
String 4 – Thumb

I’d also recommend giving the parenthesis fingers a try too. Choose the fingering which is most comfortable for you. Keep in mind that this is a recommendation and using all four fingers at different points in the song is totally fine!

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

Part 2 – For Premium Members


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