Fingerpicking Etude no. 3 – Rock Class 101

Below is the lesson for “Fingerpicking Etude no. 3” by Rock Class 101.

Helpful Tips

In this etude, we will be using a 4 finger approach for fingerpicking. While this is a simple tune (only 3 chords: C, F, and G7), the challenge lies in keeping the 8th note rhythm steady throughout the entire piece. A great way to work on timing is to learn 1 bar at a time and then work on sections. For example:

Master bar 1
Master bar 2
Practice bar 1 to bar 2

Master bar 3
Master bar 4
Practice bar 3 to bar 4

Practice bars 1 – 4

Breaking the piece into sections is an efficient and effective way to master the song faster.

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

Tab Play Along