“Fingerpicking Etude no. 32: Intricacy & Speed” – Rock Class 101

Below is the lesson for Fingerpicking Etude no. 32: “Intricacy & Speed”.

Helpful Tips

Learn an old-world melody that teaches intricacy and speed. Think of this song as being split in half. In the first half, you’re just playing the melody. In the second half, you’ll add a few more notes to the mix. In other words, you’re adding more harmony, which makes the piece more intricate.

The second thing that this piece teaches you is speed. The first time through, when you’re just playing the melody, you’re playing at a slower tempo. The second time through, when you add in the extra harmony notes, you’ll boost the tempo!

Varying the intricacy and speed of a piece is something we see in some of these old-world pieces, such as “Red is the Rose.”

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