“Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue” – American Traditional

Below is the lesson for the Strumming Etude “Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue”.

Four NEW Strumming Techniques

A different take on a ukulele classic! This piece is written more-so as an etude, in that it’s split up into four sections, with each section focusing on a different strumming technique. The four techniques are:

Technique #1: Claw Stroke
Technique #2: Triplet & Fan Strum
Technique #3: Split Stroke
Technique #4: Pluck Strum

These four techniques are taught in complete detail in the course: Strumming Techniques: Beyond the Island Strum. This course was written for those of you who feel like you’ve plateaued in your rhythm playing ability. For example, if you’ve mastered the island strum and chucking, and you’re wondering where to go next… Then I’d highly encourage you to check out the course!

This song is the Capstone performance piece from the course. Therefore, it’s recommended that you take the course before attempting the etude, as it will set you up for success with learning this piece.

Helpful Tips

There may be a few new chord voicings in this piece, as such, you may want to begin by playing through it with the tried and true island strum. This will help you become comfortable with the new chord changes.

Keep a close eye on the eighth note feel as it changes between swung and straight throughout the song.

Each section provides its own unique challenges. Work through the sections one by one, keeping a keen eye on the rhythms throughout. While the chords are the same through most of the tune, the right hand is where the real fun is happening!

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

Tab Play Along