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    Since I found RockClass 101 shortly after deciding to learn ukulele and plunged right into the October and November challenges I found both months featured Rasgueos as a technique. I thought I’d share this because a lot of people really enjoyed playing La Gitanita. (It IS fun to play! But hard to spell! 😮)

    Taimane and Jake S both use the technique. I was particularly inspired by 2 members entries quite a bit for November. Brenna and RickyMike. Brenna for what I interpreted as his Spanish/Italian fusion on his entry, and RickyMike for trying to get that flamenco stomp sound in his strum. I was trying to get that ‘stomp’ thing too and failed, and last night went searching for what it was that would get that sound. Rasgueos is more complex then either RC101 challenge video touched on and there’s a lot of different types. Thank you both for making me look deeper into traditional music and to Andrew and the gang for emphasizing the techniques I wouldn’t have really taken notice of otherwise.

    Anyway I wanted to link one tutorial and one fun jaw dropping video. Both are guitar but a good starting point if anyone else wants to look deeper into the technique since it can be applied to ukulele, there’s a bunch of Rasgueos tutorial / lesson videos out there.

    Quick Tutorial that opened my eyes more.

    Jaw dropping fun guitar video using rasgueos and many many more I can’t even identify techniques. Ben Woods a song off an album named Heavy Mellow (I just found out), but this video was sponsored by Cordoba. You will see a lot of flamenco stuff Jake and Taimane do on ukulele in his performance.


    A great resource for ukulele flamenco is Daniel Ward. He is based in California. Phenomenal player, teacher, and also a kind, funny individual. He has YouTube videos (performances and instructional.) and a website.
    I have learned a lot from his workshops at various ukefests. Worthwhile checking out!

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