About Me

I got my Diamond Head ukulele October 13th 2018. I started playing it on the 15th since the strings needed to settle in. I got a Kmise concert ukulele on November 21st. after learning I like songs with more than 12 frets! Problem! I'm allergic to the finish or the wood or something. 🙁 Kmise really tried to help me but I gave up. It's since been upgraded to just the name "Flesh Eating Uke".. Obvious reasons! Splurged on a Tiny Tenor because mango ukes sound AMAZING and you only live once. Hurting my wrist on my no-set-up Diamond Head helped push my purchase. Might as well have a quality instrument I WANT to play as much as possible right? Wish it didn't cost a fortune, but not regretting the purchase. The one thing I DO regret about it, is the quiet tone wood is forcing me to fix right hand bad habits I was quite happy and comfortable doing!!! Woohoo!! Thumb Independence Day is here!! 4-14-2019!! I can tremolo!!! *cheesy DJ arm moves* Happy Thumb Independence Day!!