Harmonizing C Major – EP002

Harmonize C Major w/ Chords & Solo – EP002

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In this ukulele lesson, we will learn how to play higher voiced chord harmonies and a solo over one of the most popular chord progressions in C Major.

Here is the chord progression used in this lesson:

C (1) G (5) A- (6) F (4)

This progression is used in countless hit songs, for example: “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz and “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train. These two songs are great examples of music that is commonly played at uke jams. Most of the time, everyone will be playing basic chords, or as we called them in music college, cowboy chords. This lesson provides an alternative to this by teaching you how to play chords higher up the neck using the CAGED Method. We also will be intertwining simple melodies into our higher voiced chords.

Finally, we will be playing a solo that uses changes. Playing “changes” means to play the notes that match the chord being used at the time. So, if we are playing the 1 chord (C), our note choice in the solo comprises of the notes that make a C Major chord (C E G). Likewise, when we switch to G, we will highlight the notes that define a G Major (G B D) in our solo. By doing this, we can create a solo that is melodic.

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