“Mad World” – Tears for Fears / Gary Jules

Below is the lesson for “Mad World” by Tears for Fears / Gary Jules.

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Learn a hauntingly beautiful fingerstyle arrangement based on Gary Jules’ version featured in the motion picture Donnie Darko. Originally written by the English pop rock band Tears for Fears, Gary’s version is known for its simplicity and emotional depth, stripping away the rock elements and focusing on the melody and harmony. This intimate approach seamlessly translates to the ukulele, making for a captivating lesson ideal for intermediate players.

Note: This arrangement employs an arpeggiated roll technique to add a unique and captivating sound to select chords. It’s an excellent alternative to the traditional timbre of plucked or strummed chords. If you need assistance with mastering this technique, be sure to check out this lesson, which covers it in full detail.

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