Makala vs Martin: $50 Uke vs $5000 Uke

Makala vs Martin: $50 Uke vs $5000 Uke



The Martin 3k (Koa) is a beautiful looking instrument. The stories this 90 year old ukulele could tell… if only it could speak. Fortunately, it does in a way. We can continue to play this instrument, made in the 1920’s, and help it continue its musical journey. It definitely is the king of cool, but can it hold a candle next to this guy?



The Makala soprano ukulele. My main uke, as of now. Priced reasonably at $50 retail, there’s a lot of bang per buck. With a proper set up, this uke plays great! Now, I have invested a lot of $ into high end guitar equipment and there definitely is a difference between a Squier and a high end american made Strat… but I’m not sure if I hear that same difference with ukuleles.

I tend to favor the Makala over the Martin. It plays better, sounds brighter, and you do not have to worry about banging it up! If money were no option, I wouldn’t be buying the vintage Martin, I’d be trying out some high end modern ukes. Ultimately, the decision is yours. Let your ear decide which of these two sounds better.

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Article by: Andrew Hardel