“Moon” – Taimane

Below is the lesson for “Moon” by Taimane.

Helpful Tips

In our inaugural lesson for Low G ukulele, you’ll learn Taimane’s hauntingly beautiful composition, “Moon”. This piece is a great study for the intermediate to advanced player for a number of reasons:

1) Endurance & Memory – Clocking in at 4 minutes in length, one of the greatest challenges of the piece is memorizing and performing it in its entirety.

2) Dynamics – We can alter the volume of notes and passages to create contrast in our playing. This transforms a piece from sounding linear, to having highs and lows, tension and release. Throughout both video lessons, I will be offering suggestions on how you can dynamically alter your performance.

3) Fingerpicking – This piece is perfectly suited for a 3 or 4 finger approach and contains a multitude of fingerpicking patterns.

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