“Pineapple Uke Blues” – Jari Tolvanen

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Learn a relaxing and melodic Blues song that is perfect for the advanced fingerstyle player. What really makes this tune stand out, is that it goes beyond the basic Blues format by intertwining melodic (melodies) and harmonic (altered & substituted chords) ideas. In a nutshell, this song consists of an intro, 2 melodies (A and B), and an outro. The outro is unique to our arrangement and incorporates a tag. A tag means that we will be vamping (repeating) the main melody (2 bar phrase) 3 times at the end of the piece to further reinforce the theme.

There are a few concepts and techniques to have under your belt before tackling this tune, which include: Understanding swung 8th note rhythm and general rhythm, triplet strum and 8th note triplet rhythm, staccato, vibrato, proper left hand form when forming barre chords, and chucking. Overall, this song poses quite a challenge, but is so worth the time and effort to get down. A big thanks to Jari Tolvanen for allowing us to teach his brilliant composition.

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