“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” – Christmas

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A fingerstyle take on a classic Christmas melody that is a delight to play. This arrangement features 3 melodies: A, B, and C. It’s important to note that variations happen when sections are repeated. Specifically, the A and B melody will have variations on the second (and third – only for the A melody) time through. Don’t worry! Because, only a couple bars will be different. This means, if you learn the first A and B melody, you basically have the entire song learned. Let’s look at the form to further clarify:

A Melody
B Melody
A Melody (2 Bar Variation – Bars 25 and 26)
C Melody
B Melody (1 Bar Variation – Bar 39)
A Melody (3 Bar Variation – Bars 50-52)

The A melody will be the most challenging in this piece as each of the bars are unique. The B and C melody are easier as some bars are identical or slight variations of each other. Overall, this is a wonderful piece for developing advanced fingerstyle playing. I hope you enjoy this arrangement and Happy Holidays!

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