“Smile” – Charlie Chaplin & Nat King Cole

Below is the lesson for “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin & Nat King Cole.

Helpful Tips

A melancholy melody with a lyrical hint of hope. We’ve arranged this song as a two-parter, where the first half is meant for vocal accompaniment, while the second half is a chord melody.

One aspect that makes this arrangement challenging is that some of the chord voicings are jazzy in nature, therefore making them a bit of a finger-frenzy to fret. So here’s one tip for when you encounter a four-finger chord: To make it easier, you can omit the 4th (G) string – in other words, strum or pluck from the third string down.

Furthermore, this arrangement uses two strumming techniques that are very cool: the triplet strum and the split stroke. If either of these techniques are new to you, check out our Strumming Course as Christopher breaks down the mechanics and rhythm behind each of them.

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