“Song of Storms” – Video Game Song

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In this ukulele and piano duet, you’ll learn a beautiful melody that’s played alongside a rich, harmonic backdrop. This song is one of the most popular tunes from the Zelda video game series. It’s typically performed with a brisk tempo, but we opted to slow it down to create a chill, somber vibe.

The ukulele part is easy in the aspect that you’re playing a single note melody throughout the entire piece. But, there are a couple of things that make it a bit tricky to play. The first tricky element occurs in the opening phrase. You’ll be playing notes out of a barre chord.

The second tricky element is seen in bars 5 and 7. These notes require your left hand to stretch across 5 frets. If you’re new to performing stretch licks or chords, check out this lesson to learn 3 exercises that help increase left hand reach.

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