“Spanish Romance” – Traditional

Below is the lesson for “Spanish Romance”.

Helpful Tips

An iconic classical guitar piece that sounds equally as amazing on the ukulele! This fingerstyle piece serves as a great study for developing expression in your playing. To accomplish this, Steven’s going to touch on these 3 concepts in the beginning of the lesson video:

1) Rubato – A fluctuation of tempo within a phrase. Typically, this is accomplished via speeding up or slowing down in sections. When executed properly, it can add a “human element” to your performance. This creates a nice contrast to playing perfectly in-time, which can come across as sounding robotic.

2) Vibrato – A rapid or slight fluctuation in pitch. This helps add color to notes as opposed to sounding flat. To visualize this, here’s a silly analogy: Sparkling water is vibrato and regular water is flat.

3) Dynamics – Variation in loudness between notes or phrases. Here’s an analogy: if you’re having a discussion and you’re establishing your point, chances are you’ll be speaking at a louder volume than if you were exchanging small talk.

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