“Spanish Ukulele” – Gary Moore

Below is the lesson for “Spanish Ukulele” by Gary Moore.

Helpful Tips

This song is an arrangement of “Spanish Guitar” by Gary Moore. It features two beautiful melodies in an ABA format. The song is composed in 6/8 and is comprised of mostly eighth notes. It is very important to keep a steady tempo in this song. Try tapping along and counting the rhythm (1 & 2 & 3 &) while you play.

I have split the A melody and B melody into two sections:

A Melody: Theme 1 and Theme 2
B Melody: Theme 3 and Theme 4

The great thing about this arrangement is that theme 2 and 4 share many bars in common with theme 1 and 2. This makes it easier to learn, as there is less new material. This song makes use of the CAGFD Method to move chords up the neck. Also, there are a few “stretch” chords in the arrangement. HERE is a lesson to help you further your left hand reach.

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