“St. Louis Blues” – W. C. Handy

Below is the lesson for “St. Louis Blues”.

Helpful Tips

One of the first blues songs that transcended to pop fame; our arrangement focuses on developing your rhythm playing by weaving together unique strumming techniques with fingerpicked melodies. Although this is a blues song, its form varies a bit from the traditional 12 bar blues; most notably in the Bridge, which has a Latin feel and is played without a swung rhythm.

From a right hand standpoint, this song uses three strumming techniques that are taught in our course, Strumming Techniques: Beyond the Island Strum. The three techniques are: claw stroke, triplet strum, and split stroke. The lesson will be taught assuming you know how to perform each technique. Therefore, if any are new to you, I’d highly encourage you to check out the course.

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