“Study in B Minor” – Fernando Sor

Below is the lesson for “Study in B Minor” by Fernando Sor.

Helpful Tips

Learn a beautiful classical piece fingerpicked using the free stroke technique taught in our Classical Technique & Style Course.

In this etude, you’ll fingerpick arpeggios in 3/4 time with a simple, constant eighth-note rhythm throughout. The goal of the piece is to maintain a beautiful sustain from one note to the next, as well as from one chord to the next.

At the basic level, you should focus on keeping a steady rhythm while achieving a consistent tone and volume throughout the piece. However, if you want to challenge yourself further, you’ll be shown how to use this piece as an exercise in separating the melody from the harmony by picking the melody notes louder whilst playing the harmony much softer.

The majority of this piece is fingerpicked using the PIMA picking style, but you’ll occasionally apply the concept of right-hand alternation to play successive notes on the same string. Both of these concepts are taught and explained in the course.

Note: This version is in the key of E minor when transposed to the ukulele.

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

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