“The Munsters Theme” – TV Show

Below is the lesson for “The Munsters Theme”.

Helpful Tips

“The Munsters Theme” features catchy melodies and a very cool chord progression in the B Melody. In the tab, I have labeled the arrangement into three parts: A, B, and C Melody. The A melody is the most recognizable part of the song. The B melody utilizes a tension building chord movement known as Secondary Dominant. If you look at bars 13-17, we notice a chord movement of:

D to G
A* to D
B* to Em

D is the V of G (I)
A is the V of D (I) 
B is the V of E (i)

* A & B have been altered to Major (Non-diatonic to the original key of E minor)

This chord movement aims to extended tension before release. If you would like to learn more about tips on songwriting and arranging, check out our eBook and video lessons on ‘How to Write a Song on the Ukulele‘.

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