“What Do You Mean?” – Justin Bieber

Below is the lesson for “What Do You Mean?” by Justin Bieber.

Helpful Tips

“What Do You Mean?” features catchy melody lines in a stripped-down 4 chord progression. In part 1 of the lesson, we will learn the chord progression (the intro). This progression lays the foundation for the entire tune. The trickiest parts of the arrangement are the syncopated rhythm hits that you strum in the chorus, as well as, the syncopated hits in the melody breakdown. If you are scratching your head saying “syncopated what?”, I am referring to playing off the beat. This is what makes the arrangement sound cool, especially for a pop song! I’ve broken down the syncopation in full detail in part 2 of the lesson, available only for premium members.

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

Part 2 – For Premium Members


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