“Dream a Little Dream of Me” – Jazz Standard

Below is the lesson for “Dream a Little Dream of Me”.

Helpful Tips

Learn two beautiful melodies which help you develop barre chord technique. This song follows a standard 32 bar Jazz format in that there are two melodies: an A and B Melody. Each Melody is 8 bars in length and the format is as follows: AABA. Therefore, if we have 4 melodies, multiplied by 8 bars in length, we end up with 32 bars overall.

One of the greatest aspects of this arrangement, is that it will help you develop barre chord technique; specifically with partial and full barre chords. With partial barre chords, you are barring across 2 or 3 strings, as opposed to all 4 strings with full barre chords.

With barre chords, it’s vital to use proper left hand form when fretting the chord. Proper form is the key to developing finger strength and achieving a clear-ringing chord. If you need a recap on the fundamentals of forming barre chords, check out this lesson, which covers proper left hand form (both behind and in front of the neck), and this one (from our Beginners Course), if you are just getting started with barre chords.

Lastly, this song uses a swung rhythmic feel; check out this lesson to learn how this differs from a straight feel.

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