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Aquila were the first strings I ever had on a uke and I like them. They are LOUD, super responsive (not necessarily the best choice for a beginning player on a low quality instrument). I tried Worth Clear and they seemed a little toned down, clear in tone but not as overwhelming as Aquila. Worth seem expensive but you get enough string in one pack to string up two ukes.

There is a company called South coast that makes a low tension metal uke string. They sound wonderful! But you can’t tune them GCEA so that can be a bummer.

One of the best things about Worth is the lack of wound strings, of which I have a love/hate relationship. I hate the extraneous noise when fretting and sliding, but I love the smaller diameter. However, with Worth the thicker strings may be too thick!

Ultimately I think different ukes and different people like different strings, it’s a very personal choice.