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    Dear Uke-Friends,
    I’m Brett. I live and work in Southeast Seattle with my wonderful wife and our two, awesome elementary-school-aged kids. I’ve been a guitar player since I was 12 (I’m almost 36 now!), playing mostly rock, surf, indie and punk. I was bit by the Ukulele-Bug about a year and a half ago when a friend handed down a cheap-o Rogue Baritone uke she didn’t want anymore. I fell in love with that instrument quickly and I discovered that it sounded pretty good after I put better strings on it and I got the hang of just 4 stings 🙂 It wasn’t long before I craved a Tenor Uke and I got a mint Cordoba 20-TM-CE from a dude on craigslist. Now-a-days it is rare to find me without a uke in my hands! It has challenged me to explore lots of new types of music and finger picking and I’m starting to get a better understanding of music theory and chords. I joined a neighborhood Ukulele club and I regularly post my video creations on my mittensforkristel youtube channel.

    I discovered Andrew and Rockclass101 about six months ago while searching youtube for a Game of Thrones Tutorial. I am proud to support Rockclass whenever I can because there is just so much great content on this site!

    Uke-fully Yours,


    Thanks for sharing your story Brett! I too started on guitar and caught the uke bug 🙂


    Hi Brett.. I checked out your YouTube channel and I love the way you play. point your song Kallisto is really lovely!

    I hope that someday I can be as relaxed as you seem when you’re playing it’s so mellow 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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