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    Aloha everyone,

    Just joined a few weeks back. Originally from Kailua, HI and moved to Santa Barbara, CA 3 yrs ago.

    My name is Niccolo and I have been playing string instruments(ukulele, guitar, violin)my whole life. I have recently fallen back in love with playing ukulele. That rediscovered love has driven me to take my playing much more serious lately and why I decided to sign up for rock class 101 to hone some old, and learn some new skills.
    The classical pieces are amazing and practicing at all hours is driving my gf crazy lol.

    When I’m not playing ukulele, I’m usually in the water surfing. Moving back to Oahu next summer. I’m already over being on the mainland haha. Waves are better back home.

    Anyway, happy to be here and part of the awesome community.

    Mahalo Ke Akua pu a hui hou,


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    Awesome pics Niccolo! I visited Oahu is a kid, loved it! So I’m a bit jealous 🙂 Glad you found us! What classical piece are you working on? I’m planning to do Moonlight Sonata next year, trying to work up the courage for that one haha.


    Aloha Andrew,

    Mahalo for the kind words. All of Hawaii is magical but Oahu is home and has a special place in my heart. You’ll need to go back. Maybe grab a Kanile’a tenor while you’re there lol.

    I was working on Fur Elise which was one of my piano pieces long ago. Moonlight Sonata was also one of my pieces I had played and would love to have your arrangement for ukulele. Fur Elise came quite fast. I have to credit your excellent and concise instruction for my speedy progress for the piece. I was also working on Allegro for getting my finger picking back up to speed.

    My guilty pleasure piece that I find myself playing and working on to master is your arrangement for a Thousand Years. Not a classical piece, but the flow, movement, and melody is undeniably infectious. Amazing job with a Thousand Years.

    I’ve always been a fan of legendary fingerpickers like Mark Knopfler. If there’s a special request for a piece I’d like you to create an ukulele arrangement for it would be Local Hero. One of my all time favorites.

    Anyway, huge mahalos for the incredible lessons here. 🙌🏽

    Aloha from So Cal,



    I’m glad you enjoy the arrangements Niccolo! I’d be happy to add that song to my request list. I’m a huge fan of his as well, which is why I had to do Sultans of Swing 🙂 maybe next year, I’ll do another one, there are so many great songs from him and his band!


    Hi, Niccolò, I am working on Fur Elise too. I would love to see the Fur Elise ukulele over by you. I will put up mine at my Youtube Channel soon 🙂

    I hope one day, after I have grown up, I will have the opportunity to visit Hawaii and play ukulele there 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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