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    Aloha everyone

    This is Grace from Hawaii. I am excited to be here to learn.

    I have a soprano flea that I bought second hand on craigslist. I love its unique shape but feel it might be a bit too small to my liking. Then I saw Andrew’s youtube video on the $50 makala vs $5,000 martin. Yea, if I stay motivated to play, I might award myself a concert uke down the road, but for now, let’s work on this month’s challenge – I wonder if Andrew will consider a “before beginner” level song next month 🙂

    Aloha, Grace


    Welcome, Grace! You can do a lot with a basic little uke. Andrew’s earliest lessons were on a little Makala and they’re great. The flea is fun.

    Enjoy the site. Good luck with the challenge. It’s a big motivator! I look forward to seeing your submission.


    Welcome, Grace! Looking forward to watching your performance 🙂



    BTW, I have been to the Kanile’a store
    They offered a great (and free) tour to see how they make their ukes


    Welcome @gmflin8, my first uke was a pineapple soprano. As you’re already thinking, after a couple months of playing and knowing I’d stick with it, I decided to upgrade to a concert. I’ve found it much more comfortable for regular playing. I now like to bring my soprano on trips to the beach and such. As you get more into the lessons and if you decide on a concert, you can also have one of them strung with a low G so you can have greater range for some of the song lessons.


    Thanks, @cncamacho. I love the low G idea. I like warmer sound for sure.


    hello grace, i have a soprano flea too! I think that you will like the sound of it on many songs that you try. if you want to find a low g uke string, you should go online to look on or

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    thanks, @milana, for the tips.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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