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    Hi guys!
    Quick question, I recently got a new ukulele, and I also might be going on vacation soon. Then I started to worry, would the temperature change be hard on my Ukulele’s? I have a Makala Dolfin, (a plastic uke), and my new uke, which is a Cordoba, 15-cm. (It’s laminate.)


    Hey Marni,

    Can you give us some more information? Are you taking the ukes with you or leaving them behind? What sort of temperature change are we talking about? A change of 100 degrees Celsius would probably be detrimental to any uke, but I don’t imagine we would be looking at anything that extreme. Is there likely to be a change in humidity too?

    Also, is your Makala Dolphin really plastic? I thought they were laminate and the website says they have kauri tops with composite back and sides. (


    If you are taking vacation by plane and bringing your uke, I would keep it with you in the pressurized cabin. There will be extreme temp change if it’s put in the cargo hold. Don’t risk it.


    Sorry, I was wrong! 😐 The Makala Dolphin Soprano Ukulele features a kauri top, composite back sides, a mahogany neck, a rosewood fingerboard, and a plastic nut saddle.

    I should of given more imformation! I would be traveling by car, and the change wouldn’t be that drastic at all, but I’ve heard horror stories about ukuleles being hurt by the slightest change.
    I’m probably worrying to much…

    The temp. change is an average of 5 to 10, degrees warmer.

    The humidity changes from 56% to 67%

    Sorry if the question was kinda dumb. lol I’m not that familair with this!


    Hi Marni, I wouldn’t worry about it with your ukes. It’s more of a concern when the uke is made from a softwood, like Redwood. But use commonsense, don’t leave it locked in a hot car all day.


    Thanks! 🙂 I’ll make sure not to leave it in a hot car for a long period of time! I’m really glad I can bring it along. I don’t want to miss on practice. 😀


    I always try to bring my Uke or a guitar on my car (usually camping) vacations. Usually very dry weather is something to look out for especially with solid tops. Leaving it in a hot car can cause the bridge to pull up if the glue gets too hot.


    So it’s the car that’s the worry?

    If it helps, I recently took my all-solid uke on a 10-day car trip. Like Andrew suggested, I was careful not to leave it in the car, but otherwise, it was fine.

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