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    Oh, hello there!

    This is the first “song” I’ve attempted to record on the uke. Like the title says, it’s only 30 seconds.

    Having started watching the clawhammer ukulele course on this site, I realize I’ve probably been doing some things wrong…

    Also, I’m still feeling too bashful to show my face, but maybe soon!

    Letmeknow-whatyathink! If you’d like. Thanks!

    Cripple Creek


    Nice job. I used to play this on the violin many many years ago. I played all classical, but there were a few pieces that were bluegrass that I picked up on my own to ‘fiddle’ around and have fun. You did a good job with this. Just makes me think fun.


    Very cool! Nice sound.


    @ldarrow, thank you kindly for that! That means something coming from someone who knows how to play an instrument well. I grew up playing piano, also a lot of classical music, but am relatively new to the uke, only 6 months or so. Hahahaha fiddle around! I see what you did there! 😀

    , thank you kindly!! 🙂


    Also, VERY excited to see that there is a lesson for this song on this site and other clawhammer songs and lessons! 😀 Definitely going to look at that. It seems like I know the song, but I’d say 1 times out of 10 it goes as well as this recording.

    Sorry to double post, but that seemed relevant to say. 😀 So excited to dig into all the songs and lessons here!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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