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    Hello everybody, after practicing for week with Bernadette on a very crappy buzzing soprano ukulele I decided to get a proper concert size Uke from Ortega made out of Bamboo. And I found Rockclass101 and am very happy about that. I love playing music on my melodica and piano and I wanted to try something new. I play for about a month now in total and drag my Uke anywhere I can to practice. I am considering to change the G to lower at some point or maybe buy a second Uke. It would be nice if I reach that point that there will be more low G lessons and songs, and maybe some more jazz tunes. I loved “Dream A Little Dream”. Great to meet you all so we can exchange our experiences.



    Welcome! That’s awesome that you learn with Berny, she rocks! Next few weeks will be low G lessons 🙂



    Great! Looking forward 🙂



    Welcome jina! Congrats on your new ukulele too!

    My personal thoughts: If you decide to swap to low G there are some songs that just don’t work. (It goes both ways) Some songs even if they are written for high g are not too difficult to make work though! It kind of depends how familiar you are with where the high g notes actually are on the fretboard and what’s going on in the song. (For me at least… I’m getting better at knowing where stuff is, but it’s slow for me, and I can only make simple changes right now.)

    If you plan on playing a lot of both high g and low G songs i’d say string your main uke with whatever you plan to play more (or the one you like the sound of more) and make your soprano the opposite, or buy another uke if you really dislike your buzzy soprano to have both like you said.

    If you were planning on swapping soon, hold off until next month’s challenge songs are announced so you don’t go insane making changes to play them. (The one you may want to try could be one of those songs that is either really hard to change or just doesn’t work.) There aren’t very many songs on here yet that are arranged specific for low G, so for songs, just keep that in mind.

    Anyway those are just my personal feelings on it. Hope that helps. 🙂



    Thanks Becky. I think I will get a 2nd so I can change. I would like to be able to solo. So far I have more or less two octaves, it would be nice just to have bit larger range.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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