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    Hello everyone. I’m preparing for retirement by learning the uke (as well as piano). Wanted to learn music since I was a child but family couldn’t afford lessons. So here I am at 53 learning the uke and loving it—I take it everywhere. It’s become very therapeutic for me and now that I participated in my first challenge I am so encouraged to keep going. This is a great course!



    Great idea. I am 73 and just started the course,too. I have been starting with the Baritone as years ago I played a folk guitar a bit so transition was a little easier but now have fallen for the Tenor. This is a very good transitional program for me and I hope this path continues to have you enjoy your retirement more.

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    Welcome! The uke is a great retirement plan. I’m only 8 years behind you and I dream of busking for my retirement income, lol.

    There’s so much to discover here. Have fun. See you around!



    Thanks, mymgb1 and lisadmh. Enjoying this group and my new callouses.



    I retired last May. I love this site and the way it pushes and challenges me. Welcome.



    Welcome! Glad you found us 🙂



    Thanks 🙂



    Welcome! I have a few parallels with you– only it was the harp I took up in preparation for retirement. You are doing a wonderful thing for yourself– it’s lovely to have a new interest (esp a musical one) to carry you through those last few years of retirement and then you can hit the ground running. I started the uke last year just after I retired. Slow going for me but it is fun! And I just acquired a piano so once it is settled and tuned I will be re-acquainting myself with that. I hope you end up loving this site as much as I do (I just joined last month as a way to augment the mostly chord-playing group I attend locally). It is so well laid out and you can just dip a toe in from time to time or fully immerse yourself as your time and interest allows!



    Thanks, for the welcome, robins57. The harp is on my bucket list to learn before I kick the bucket (ahhh, so many instruments, so little time). But my uke is my bestie—it comes with me everywhere. Love this program, just wish my brain could translate all this new info faster to my newly calloused fingers.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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