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    Hello! 🙂 I’m 35 years old, from Poland. As kid, I was playing a little on piano, but that was long time ago. On my 32nd birthday, found out, that i got cancer and kinda changed my life. What change could be better than adding music and art in your life? One year ago I bought my first ukulele and started learning. Want to get better and hope courses here, gonna help me with it. 🙂 Second hobby i found is pyrography (burning paintings into wood), love both of them.
    Sorry for my English, is not best 😛

    Here is small video of how I’m playing right now, after one year of learning. Still need lot of practice.
    Glad to be here 🙂

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    Lovely to hear your ukulele playing Kanique. Been playing for about 4 years myself. Think you are doing great ! Welcome to the forum. We should all be far more active on it but aren’t. Love Rockclass101 as a great community of like minded players ! Yes, life throws us a curly every now and then.Sorry to hear about your illness and hope your diagnosis and treatment provides you with a positive outcome and many years of ukulele playing !!


    Hello @kanique,
    greetings from the neighboring Czechia!👋
    You have learned a lot in a year, you’re playing very well. It is said that music heals. So the lessons, challenges and forum here at RockClass101 could be such a complementary therapy. 😉


    Welcome and beautiful playing @kanique. Glad to have you here with us! Wishing you all the best on your journey ahead, filled with healing, joy, and musical inspiration! 🙂


    @kanique beautiful playing. Looks like you’ve been playing a while already or have played guitar in the past. Awesome job. A true Artist. Like your art in the background as well. Hope you join a monthly challenge. It’s fun.


    What beautiful playing, Kanique! I have only just started with the ukulele, and I can only hope to play as well as that after a year. Music is healing, and I hope your playing is healing for you. We learn to appreciate the beauty of every moment.


    Wow..incredible playing after just one year, Kanique!
    I also love the look and sound of that sweet ukulele🙂✌️


    @kanique welcome! Beautiful playing for a short time but you obviously have the talent. Hope you can join some of the RC challenges. Wishing you healing through your music. Louisa

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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