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    Hey fellow RC101 classmates,

    I bought my first Ukulele in Dec 2018 and bought the RC101 premium membership which I cancelled a month later as I was pursing further education but I promised Andrew I’d return because I just LOVED this community and its teachers. Fast forward to October 2019 when I finally cleared my study goals, I decided to pick up where I left off.

    I’ve been playing consistently (daily) for over a month now and wanted to share my first recorded video with you guys. It’s actually on my Instagram and if sharing Instagram links is forbidden then I apologise.

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    One of my favourite #childhood movie's #growing up. Welcome to #Jurassic #Park Thanks for the awesome tutorial @rockclass101 and an equally awesome cover by @thejumpingflea, I fumbled quite afew times but will get there eventually. 😅 #ukulele #rockclass101 #beginner #music #moviemusic #ukulelecover #novice #ukuleleplayer #jurassicparktheme #Bahrain

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    It’s the Jurassic Park theme (as the topic which was arranged & taught by our awesome Matt! Hope you guys like it and provide honest feedback. I’m fully aware the end was abit messed up, haha.

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    Oh well done, and welcome back!
    I still have the Jurassic Park theme in my daily playing schedule because it is just so pretty.
    I hope you now have a little more time for fun things (ukulele #1).


    Well done! I love this piece too.


    Well done and welcome back, Sami!


    @miztaken oh definitely, I’m so hooked that Ukulele has taken the number 1 spot from gaming. (crazy gamer here!)

    @Andrew thank you, hope to get better with regular practice <3


    Well done. I’ve also just started learning this arrangement. It’s just so beautiful and full of memories. For me the hardest part is to get the rhythm right. Especially for slower pieces with a change of quick and slow parts, I find it super helpful to start real slow with the on screen tab viewer or any type of metronome. Otherwise I tend to rush the breaks and slow down during the quicker bits.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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