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    Hello all, I’m James. I’m an Ukuholic, and this is my story.

    Some months back I offered to repair the broken neck on my grandson’s Cordoba concert ukulele, and unaware of the insidious addictive spirits within this innocent looking device, I repaired the neck, restrung it and figured out how to tune it. Not familiar at all with ukuleles, I got curious and decided to try plunking out a simple tune, then another. No problem, I can stop any time I want to, just one more….hmm, I wonder what there is on Youtube…
    The next thing I knew, I ordered a cheap concert uke because I liked the way it looked, (and my grandson wanted his ukulele back). Fortunately, it sounded pretty good too.
    Then I decided I needed a bigger instrument and bought a Kala tenor. By then I was deep into Andrew’s lessons as well as anything I could find on line.
    I spent more and more time trying to learn how to play..chords, different strums, fingerstyle, blues, classical, pop, even, forgive me, children’s tunes. There seemed to be no depths I wasn’t willing to sink to.
    I discovered the unfinished ukes made in Viet Nam, so of course I had to have one, because they are so pretty. I’m still working on getting a nice finish on that one, I wanted more…a baritone, yes! Just one more uke! I just got a Cordoba 24B and love it for it’s sweet tone and it just feels so right.
    To make matters worse, I’ve infected my granddaughter by giving her my concert uke, and now her dad is fooling around with it as well. Is there no limit to my shame???
    How could this have possibly transpired over the space of a few months?

    Back to learning to play “In the Hall of the Mountain King”


    Sounds like you got bitten by the uke bug and are infecting others haha. Welcome to the club James 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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